Mad faces sticks and stones

Throughout China's region of cultural influence (including Korea , Japan and Vietnam ), scholars have added comments and interpretation to this work, one of the most important in ancient Chinese culture; it has also attracted the interest of many thinkers in the West. Historical and philosophical information, as well as a list of English translations, can be found here . The text is extremely dense reading—it is not unknown for experienced soothsayers to ignore the text, interpreting the oracle from the pictures created by the lines, bigrams, trigrams, and final hexagram.

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1.   Fill a large pot with cooked spaghetti noodles, and then bury ping pong balls in the noodles.
2.   See who can find the most balls in a set amount of time.
3.   For an added twist you can color code the balls and have each color worth a different amount of points.
4.   After the set amount of times, count up the points earned by each player.

Mad Faces Sticks and StonesMad Faces Sticks and StonesMad Faces Sticks and StonesMad Faces Sticks and Stones